FOKUS is a knowledge and resource centre for international women’s issues.

FOKUS was established in 1995. Today the organization consists of more than 50 Norwegian women's organizations and women's committees in political parties, trade unions, and solidarity and aid organizations. Click here for the complete list of members.

FOKUS receives financial support from the Norwegian Agency for Development (NORAD), the Ministry of Children and Equality, The Kavli Trust,the NOVO Foundation and the Norwegian Association of Lawyers.

FOKUS has a board and secretariat in Norway, and country offices in Sri Lanka and Colombia.

Since 2010, FOKUS has been the Norwegian National Committee for UN Women.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette-Marit is FOKUS’ patron.

Storgata 11
0155 Oslo

Telefon: (+47) 230 10 300
E-post: fokus@fokuskvinner.no


Violence Against Women and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Millions of women live in countries where the law doesn’t protect them from violence or takes their sexual and reproductive health and rights seriously. To be in control over your own body, and to be free from violence and abuse, are conditions to be a free person.

Business and economic participation

Laws, norms and traditions limit women’s economic participation all over the world. Women’s equal rights to financial services, inheritance and property must be promoted. Likewise companies must ensure women’s human rights in business investments.

Women, Peace and Security

Both women and men are victims of conflicts and crisis, but their experiences and sufferings differ. Women must be able to participate in peace negotiations. Women’s experiences and priorities must be taken into account.


FOKUS have programs in seven countries: Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.  FOKUS is involved in a number of regional and global networks. Click here for the complete list of cooperating partners.