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The Agali Awamu Women’s Group, a community based organisation (CBO) located in the Central Region of Uganda, holds high expertise in making Nubian crafts – known for their unique decor and bright colors, in addition to being made from materials available in the environment.

Yet, little attention was given to the business aspect of the production, and most of the crafts was mainly made for cultural heritage purposes says Nalongo Ramlat, their Chairperson.

As a result of several trainings on business management and business learning visits, supported by FOKUS, which largely enhanced their business skills, the group increased their visibility and started receiving invitations to various events to showcase their products. This resulted in orders from clients at local, national, and international level.

The group makes up to ten million Ugandan shillings (approx. 10,500 NOK) a month. In 2019, the group participated the Uganda Manufacturers’ Association Trade Fair and made sales worth 2,755,000 Ugandan shillings (approx. 8,400 NOK). 

The transition has drastically changed the lives of the group members, their families and their community. Now, the women are capable of economically sustaining their households, and gender-based violence has reduced in their community.

The Agali Awamu Women’s Group produces Nubian mats, shopping bags, placemats, Gufos, Turbag and Futa, and baskets in all sizes. For more information about the products, get in touch with NAWOU at

The National Association of Women’s Organisations in Uganda (NAWOU) is one of FOKUS’ partners in Uganda. The umbrella organisation consists of women-founded and women-led organisations, including Agali Awamu Women’s Group. Read more about FOKUS work in Uganda here.


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SheDil Index Report 2nd Edition

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