Publisert: 2022-08-26     Redigert: 2022-08-26

15 women from 9 civil society organizations in the region conducted research that highlights the importance of considering territorial differences and gender measures when implementing the Peace Agreement in order to ensure long-lasting and sustainable peace. With their experience and extensive knowledge of the territory, the women of Montes de María play a key role in peace-building processes in the region. 

This report is the first regional evaluation of the gender measures included in the Peace Agreement and serves as an advocacy and enforceability tool for further implementation of gender measures in Montes de María.


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“I believe that peace for us, the people from Montes de María, means to be able to sit on the terrace of our house. Being able to walk in the streets, the mountains, the field, without any fear”

             – Yina M. Ortega Benítez,
Researcher at the Committee for monitoring gender measures in Montes de María


External End-term Evaluation: Ending Violence Against Women and Girls: The SASA Programme, Tanzania 2019-2021

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