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Organizations fear that human rights will be forgotten in Colombia

Photo: Flickr / xmascarol

FOKUS and 27 organizations ask peace negotiators in Colombia not to forget the plight of human rights when the peace treaty is signed.

11.02.2016 By: FOKUS

In a letter to the delegations of the government and FARC-EP the organizations recommend that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights continues to be present in the country after the peace negotiations have been concluded.

In addition to assisting the peace efforts, organizations also suggest to expand  the mandate of the High Commissioner to  continue to control the situation for human rights and publish an annual report on this for UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has been present in Colombia since 1997 with one office in Bogota and eight elsewhere in the country.

The organizations point out in the letter that the period after the signing of the peace agreement can be challenging for local communities and organizations working for human rights. Therefore, it´s fundamental to guarantee that they can continue working for human rights work after the peace agreement is signed.

«Taking into account the experiences of other peace process throughout the world, we have reached the conclusion that the years following the signing of an accord can be extremely difficult with regard to the levels of violence and human rights violations that may occur”, the organizations write in the letter.

Click here for the full version of the letter:

English version

Spanish version