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National day and day against Homophobia

Photo: Flickr / Mack Male

The 17th of May is not just the Norwegian national day. It is also the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

18.05.2016 By: Gro Lindstad, translated by Nosheen Hotaki

May 17th is our national day in Norway. Simultaneously, it is the international day against homophobia and trans-phobia and Bi-phobia (IDAHOT).

Globally, millions of people mark the day in varied ways.

Forbidden in 75 countries

Homosexuality is still prohibited by law in 75 countries, and is punishable by death penalty in seven countries (in addition to parts of Nigeria and Somalia). In Bangladesh, a gay journalist was killed earlier in May and in Russia, gay and lesbians are arrested and subjected to harassment and abuse.

In the Bahamas, a member of the Parliament proposed that transgender people should be deported to an isolated island.

ILGA, an international organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex people’s rights, publishes a newsletters every week on their website (www.ilga.org), making these issues perceptible.

Campaign video

To recognize IDAHOT, UN has gathered activist and allies from all over the world-including singer Rachel Platten-to create a campaign video for the Free &Equal campaign. The new video ”Why We Fight” shows proud and brave activist and highlights diversity around the world.

The video symbolizes the strength that exists within organizations and activists. It is a celebration of activism and a reminder of why we fight for equal rights. To honor IDAHOT, we are sharing our IFOKUS video with you on the 17th of May. https://www.unfe.org/ :

Read more about IDAHOT:  https://www.unfe.org/