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FOKUS – Forum for Women and Development – is a knowledge and resource center for international women’s issues with an emphasis on the spreading of information and women-centered development cooperation. FOKUS’ primary goal is to contribute to the improvement of women’s social, economic, and political situation internationally.

At this site you can find more information about FOKUS and FOKUS-projects around the world.


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    Photo: Mohamed Abed / AFP PHOTO 25.09.2015 Shades of hate threat women in Palestine Hate speeches is a direct invitation to commit crimes against a certain group of people. The history of the Israeli Palestinian conflict has a lot of this kind of speeches.
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    Photo: Sanchia Brown 10.09.2015 Still taboo with female heads of households in Sri Lanka Since the end of war the number of Female-Headed Households in Sri Lanka have risen, but their access to Economic, Social and Cultural rights are yet to be meaningfully addressed.
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    Photo: Momen Faiz. 09.07.2015 Why Do Palestinian Women Distrust the International Community? Since the beginning of the Israeli occupation in 1947, Palestinian women have been subjected to human rights violations. Palestinian women feel that the international community has done little to h...
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    Launch of FOKUS-study in Sri Lanka 03.07.2015 Launch of Study on Post War Trends in Sri Lanka FOKUS in Sri Lanka has launched the study "Post war trends: child marriage in Sri Lanka".
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    . 09.06.2015 Inputs to the peace dialogue in Colombia International cooperation for peace must recognize civil society as a central actor in peace building and the prevention of new conflict scenarios.
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    Photo: TAO / Flickr 21.05.2015 Women farmers in Uganda bear the brunt of climate change effects As the effects of climate change continue to manifest, Agrarian dependent countries like Uganda suffer. Women farmers, who, constitute about 80% of the agricultural labor force, are additionally vu...